PEPs - Clinical Quality and Evidence



Image by 'The Prime Minister's Office' on Flickr

The modules can be done in any order, but are constructed to follow each other, so we suggest you work through them in the order given. The Course should take around 10 hours to complete and can be done anytime during Semester 5, so that you are ready for your PEP in January. The Course will be available to refer back to anytime during the rest of Year 3, so you use it for revision purposes or to support your written assignments.

The course consists of text and images provided by the course authors, which are interlaced around some external courses that we feel provide excellent introductions to Quality in Medicine. These are provided by the National Quality Improvement Partnership  (NQIP) and the BMJ.

Please visit The University of Manchester Library for instructions on how to access BMJ modules both on-campus and off-campus.

Both organisations provide certificates on completion of the courses which you can download and add to your ePortfolio in MedLea.